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Opioidergic signaling contributes to food-mediated suppression of AgRP neurons

Sayar-Atasoy N, Yavuz Y, Laule C, Dong C, Kim H, Rysted J, Flippo K, Davis D, Aklan I, Yilmaz B, Tian L, Atasoy D (2024)

Distinct sub-second dopamine signaling in dorsolateral striatum measured by a genetically-encoded fluorescent sensor

Salinas AG, Lee JO, Augustin SM, Zhang S, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Morales M, Mateo Y, Lovinger DM (2023)

Behavioral encoding across timescales by region-specific dopamine dynamics

Jørgensen SH, Ejdrup AL, Lycas MD, Posselt LP, Madsen KL, Tian L, Dreyer JK, Herborg F, Sørensen AT, Gether U (2023)

Psychedelics promote neuroplasticity through the activation of intracellular 5-HT2A receptors

Vargas MV, Dunlap LE, Dong C, Carter SJ, Tombari RJ, Jami SA, Cameron LP, Patel SD, Hennessey JJ, Saeger HN, McCorvy JD, Gray JA, Tian L, Olson DE (2023)

Lighting up action potentials with fast and bright voltage sensors

Andreoni A, Tian L (2023)

Competition between stochastic neuropeptide signals calibrates the rate of satiation

Zhang SX, Kim A, Madara JC, Zhu PK, Christenson LF, Lutas A, Kalugin PN, Jin Y, Pal A, Tian L, Lowell BB, Andermann ML (2023)

Adeno-associated viral vectors for functional intravenous gene transfer throughout the non-human primate brain

Chuapcoco MR, Flytzani NC, Goeden N, Octeau JC, Roxas KM, Chan KY, Scherrer J, Winchester J, Blackburn RJ, Campos, LJ, Man KNM, Sun J, Chen X, Lefevre A, Singh VP, Arokiaraj CM, Shay TF, Vendemiatti J, Jang MJ, Mich JK, Bishaw Y, Gore BB, Omstead V, Taskin N, Weed N, Levi BP, Ting JT, Miller CT, Deverman BE, Pickel J, Tian L, Fox AS, Gradinaru V (2023)

5-HT_FAsTR: A versatile, label-free, microplate assay to quantify serotonin transport and release using the genetically encoded fluorescent biosensor iSeroSnFR

Bukowski L, Strom M, Andersen J, Maesen J, Tian L, Sinning S (2023)

Multimodal detection of dopamine by sniffer cells expressing genetically encoded fluorescent sensors

Klein Herenbrink C, Støier JF, Reith WD, Dagra A, Gregorek MAC, Cola RB, Patriarchi T, Li Y, Tian L, Gether U, Herborg F (2022)

Letting the little light of mind shine: Advances and future directions in neurochemical detection

Tjahjono N, Jin Y, Hsu A, Roukes M, Tian L (2022)

Phasic locus coeruleus activity facilitates hippocampus-dependent trace fear memory formation

Wilmot JH, Puhger K, Roshgadol J, Tian L, Wiltgen BJ (2022)

Fluorescence screens for identifying central nervous system-acting drug-biosensor pairs for subcellular and supracellular pharmacokinetics

Beatty ZG, Muthusamy AK, Unger EK, Dougherty DA, Tian L, Looger LL, Shivange AV, Bera K, Lester HA, Nichols AL (2022)

Fluorescence imaging of neural activity, neurochemical dynamics, and drug-specific receptor conformation with genetically encoded sensors

Dong C, Zheng Y, Long-Iyer K, Wright EC, Li Y, Tian L (2022)

Psychedelic-inspired drug discovery using an engineered biosensor

Dong C, Ly C, Dunlap LE, Vargas MV, Sun J, Hwang IW, Azinfar A, Oh WC, Wetsel WC, Olson DE, Tian L (2021)

Bombesin-like peptide recruits disinhibitory cortical circuits and enhances fear memories

Melzer S, Newmark ER, Mizuno GO, Hyun M, Philson AC, Quiroli E, Righetti B, Gregory MR, Huang KW, Levasseur J, Tian L, Sabatini BL (2021)

A photoswitchable GPCR-based opsin for presynaptic inhibition

Copits BA, Gowrishankar R, O’Neill PR, Li JN, Girven KS, Yoo JJ, Meshik X, Parker KE, Spangler SM, Elerding AJ, Brown BJ, Shirley SE, Ma KKL, Vasquez AM, Stander MC, Kalyanaraman V, Vogt SK, Samineni VK, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Gautam N, Sunahara RK, Gereau RW, Bruchas MR (2021)

Release of endogenous dynorphin opioids in the prefrontal cortex disrupts cognition

Abraham AD, Casello SM, Schattauer SS, Wong BA, Mizuno GO, Mahe K, Tian L, Land BB, Chavkin C (2021)

Dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens core signals perceived saliency

Kutlu MG, Zachry JE, Melugin PR, Cajigas SA, Chevee MF, Kelly SJ, Kutlu B, Tian L, Siciliano CA, Calipari ES (2021)

An ultrasensitive biosensor for high-resolution kinase activity imaging in awake mice

Zhang JF, Liu B, Hong I, Mo A, Roth RH, Tenner B, Lin W, Zhang JZ, Molina RS, Drobizhev M, Hughes TE, Tian L, Huganir RL, Mehta S, Zhang J (2021)

Cell-type specific asynchronous modulation of PKA by dopamine during reward-based learning

Lee SJ, Lodder B, Chen Y, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Sabatini B (2021)

The residence of synaptically released dopamine on D2 autoreceptors

Condon AF, Robinson BG, Asad N, Dore TM, Tian L, Williams JT (2021)

Imaging voltage and brain chemistry with genetically encoded sensors and modulators

Pal A, Tian L (2020)

An expanded palette of dopamine sensors for multiplex imaging in vivo

Patriarchi T, Mohebi A, Sun J, Marley A, Liang R, Dong C, Puhger K, Mizuno GO, Davis CM, Wiltgen B, von Zastrow M, Berke JD, Tian L (2020)

Imaging neurotransmitter and neuromodulator dynamics in vivo with genetically encoded indicators

Sabatini BL, Tian L (2020)

Directed evolution of a selective and sensitive serotonin sensor via machine learning

Altermatt M, Liang R, Matsui A, Dong C, Hon OJ, Yao Z, Sun J, Banala S, Flanigan ME, Jaffe DA, Hartanto S, Carlen J, Mizuno GO, Borden PM, Shivange AV, Cameron LP, Sinning S, Underhill SM, Olson DE, Amara SG, Temple Lang D, Rudnick G, Marvin JS, Lavis LD, Lester HA, Alvarez VA, Fisher AJ, Prescher JA, Kash TL, Yarov-Yarovoy V, Gradinaru V, Looger LL, Tian L (2020)

Distinct temporal integration of noradrenaline signaling by astrocytic second messengers during vigilance

Oe Y, Wang X, Patriarchi T, Konno A, Ozawa K, Yahagi K, Hirai H, Tsuboi T, Kitaguchi T, Tian L, McHugh TJ, Hirase H (2020)

Dopamine metabolism by a monoamine oxidase mitochondrial shuttle activates the electron transport chain

Graves SM, Xie Z, Stout KA, Zampese E, Burbulla LF, Shih JC, Kondapalli J, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Brichta L, Greengard P, Krainc D, Schumacker PT, Surmeier DJ (2020)

Integrated neurophotonics: Toward dense volumetric interrogation of brain circuit activity-at depth and in real time

Moreaux LC, Yatsenko D, Sacher WD, Choi J, Lee C, Kubat NJ, Cotton RJ, Boyden ES, Lin MZ, Tian L, Tolias AS, Poon JKS, Shepard KL, Roukes ML (2020)

Temporally and spatially distinct thirst satiation signals

Augustine V, Ebisu H, Zhao Y, Lee S, Ho B, Mizuno GO, Tian L, Oka Y (2019)

Real-time monitoring of neuromodulators in behaving animals using genetically encoded indicators

Mizuno GO, Unger E, Tian L (2019)

Protein structures guide the design of a much-need tool for neuroscience

Scheerer P, Unger E, Tian L (2019)

Maps of neuronal activity across the mouse brain

Andreoni A, Tian L (2019)

Dissociable dopamine dynamics for learning and motivation

Mohebi A, Pettibone JR, Hamid AA, Wong JT, Vinson LT, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Kennedy RT, Berke JD (2019)

A neural circuit mechanism for encoding aversive stimuli in the mesolimbic dopamine system

de Jong JW, Afjei SA, Pollak Dorocic I, Peck JR, Liu C, Kim CK, Tian L, Deisseroth K, Lammel S (2019)

Measuring brain chemistry using genetically encoded fluorescent sensors

Andreoni A, Davis C, Tian L (2019)

Imaging neuromodulators with high spatiotemporal resolution using genetically encoded indicators

Patriarchi T, Cho JR, Merten K, Marley A, Broussard GJ, Liang R, von Zastrow M, Nimmerjahn A, Gradinaru V, Williams JT, Tian L (2019)

Optical dopamine monitoring with dLight1 reveals mesolimbic phenotypes in a mouse model of neurofibromatosis type 1

Robinson JE, Coughlin GM, Hori AM, Cho JR, Mackey ED, Turan Z, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Gradinaru V (2019)

Biosensors show the pharmacokinetics of S-ketamine in the endoplasmic reticulum

Bera K, Kamajaya A, Shivange AV, Muthusamy AK, Nichols AL, Borden PM, Grant S, Jeon J, Lin E, Bishara I, Chin TM, Cohen BN, Kim CH, Unger EK, Tian L, Marvin JS, Looger LL, Lester HA (2019)

Ultrafast neuronal imaging of dopamine dynamics with designed genetically encoded sensors

Patriarchi T, Cho JR, Merten K, Howe MW, Marley A, Xiong WH, Folk RW, Broussard GJ, Liang R, Jang MJ, Zhong H, Dombeck D, von Zastrow M, Nimmerjahn A, Gradinaru V, Williams JT, Tian L (2018)

Nanodelivery of a functional membrane receptor to manipulate cellular phenotype

Patriarchi T, Shen A, He W, Baikoghli M, Cheng R., Xiang Y, Coleman M, Tian L (2018)

In vivo measurement of afferent activity with axon-specific calcium imaging

Broussard G, Liang R, Fridman M, Unger E, Meng GH, Xian X, Ji N, Petreanu L, Tian L (2018)

Dopamine neurons projecting to medial shell of the nucleus accumbens drive heroin reinforcement

Corre J, van Zessen R, Loureiro M, Patriarchi T, Tian L, Pascoli V, Lüscher C (2018)

Aberrant calcium signaling in astrocytes inhibits neuronal excitability in a human down syndrome stem cell model

Mizuno GO, Wang Y, Shi G, Wang Y, Sun J, Papadopoulos S, Broussard GJ, Unger EK, Deng W, Weick J, Bhattacharyya A, Chen CY, Yu G, Looger LL, Tian L (2018)

Imaging glutamate with genetically encoded fluorescent sensors

Broussard G, Unger L, Liang R, Tian L (2018)

Automated functional analysis of astrocytes from chronic time-lapse calcium imaging data

Wang Y, Shi G, Miller DJ, Wang Y, Wang C, Broussard G, Wang Y, Tian L, Yu G (2017)

Combinatorial library screening with liposomes for discovery of membrane active peptides

Randy C, Yann T, Zsofia K, Amir S, Campos H, Alisha K, Liu R, Tian L, Lam K (2017)

Wnt regulates proliferation and neurogenic potential of Muller Glial cells through a Lin28/let-7 miRNA-dependent pathway in adult mammalian retina

Yao K, Qiu S, Tian L, Snider W, Flannery J, Scahffer D, Chen B (2016)

Graphical time warping for joint alignment of multiple curves

Zhi Y, Shi G, Miller DJ, Broussard G, Tian L, Yu G (2016)

Functional imaging of neuron-astrocyte interactions in a compartmentalized microfluidic device

Gao Y, Broussard G, Haque A, Revzin A, Tian L (2016)

Imaging chemical neurotransmission with genetically encoded fluorescent sensors

Liang R, Broussard G, Tian L (2015)

CDK1 enhances mitochondrial bioenergetics for radiation-induced DNA repair

Qin L, Fan M, Candas D, Jiang G, Papadopoulos S, Tian L, Woloschak G, Grdina DJ, Li JJ (2015)

Monitoring activity in neural circuits with genetically encoded indicators

Broussard G, Liang R, Tian L (2014)

Two photon photophysics of fluorescent protein calcium indicators

Macklin J, Akerboom J, Schreiter ER, Tian L, Patel R, Iyer V, Karsh B, Colonell J, Harris TD (2013)

Genetically encoded calcium indicators for multi-color neural activity imaging and combination with optogenetics

Akerboom J, Carreras Calderón N, Tian L, Wabnig S, Prigge M, Tolö J, Gordus A, Orger MB, Severi KE, Macklin JJ, Patel R, Pulver SR, Wardill TJ, Fischer E, Schüler C, Chen TW, Sarkisyan KS, Marvin JS, Bargmann CI, Kim DS, Kügler S, Lagnado L, Hegemann P, Gottschalk A, Schreiter ER, Looger LL (2013)

An optimized fluorescent probe for visualizing glutamate neurotransmission

Marvin JS, Borghuis BG, Tian L, Cichon J, Harnett MT, Akerboom J, Gordus A, Renninger SL, Chen TW, Bargmann CI, Orger MB, Schreiter ER, Demb JB, Gan WB, Hires SA, Looger LL (2013)

Neural activity imaging with genetically encoded calcium indicators

Tian L, Akerboom J, Schreiter ER, Looger LL (2012)

Selective esterase-ester pair for targeting small molecules with cellular specificity

Tian L, Yang Y, Wysocki LM, Arnold AC, Hu A, Ravichandran B, Sternson SM, Looger LL, Lavis LD (2012)

Optimization of a GCaMP calcium indicator for neural activity imaging

Akerboom J, Chen TW, Wardill TJ, Tian L, Marvin JS, Mutlu S, Calderón NC, Esposti F, Borghuis BG, Sun XR, Gordus A, Orger MB, Portugues R, Engert F, Macklin JJ, Filosa A, Aggarwal A, Kerr RA, Takagi R, Kracun S, Shigetomi E, Khakh BS, Baier H, Lagnado L, Wang SS, Bargmann CI, Kimmel BE, Jayaraman V, Svoboda K, Kim DS, Schreiter ER, Looger LL (2012)

Multiple dynamic representations in the motor cortex during sensorimotor learning

Huber DC, Gutnisky DA, Peron S, Connor DHO, Wiegert JS, Tian L, Oertner TG, Looger LL, Svoboda K (2012)

Imaging neuronal activity with genetically encoded calcium indicators

Tian L, Hires SA, Looger LL (2012)

Engineering and application of genetically encoded calcium indicators

Akerboom J, Tian L, Marvin J, Looger LL (2012)

Activity in motor-sensory projections reveals distributed coding in somatosensation

Petreanu L, Gutnisky DA, Huber D, Xu NI, Connor DHO, Tian L, Looger LL, Svoboda K (2012)

A Cre-dependent GCaMP3 reporter mouse for neuronal imaging in vivo

Zariwala HA, Borghuis BG, Hoogland TM, Madisen L, Tian L, De Zeeuw CI, Zeng H, Looger LL, Svoboda K, Chen TW (2012)

Imaging light responses of targeted neuron populations in the rodent retina

Borghuis BG, Tian L, Xu Y, Nikonov SS, Vardi N, Zemelman BV, Looger LL (2011)

Toward the second generation of optogenetic tools

Knopfel T, Lin MZ, Levskaya A, Tian L, Lin JY, Boyden ES (2010)

Functional imaging of hippocampal place cells at cellular resolution during virtual navigation

Dombeck DA, Harvey CD, Tian L, Looger LL, Tank DW (2010)

Imaging neural activity in worms, flies and mice with improved GCaMP calcium indicators

Tian L, Hires SA, Mao T, Huber D, Chiappe ME, Chalasani SH, Petreanu L, Akerboom J, McKinney SA, Schreiter ER, Bargmann CI, Jayaraman V, Svoboda K, Looger LL (2009)

Crystal structures of the GCaMP calcium sensor reveal the mechanism of fluorescence signal change and aid rational design

Akerboom J, Rivera JDV, Guilbe MMR, Tian L, Hires SA, Marvin JS, Looger LL, Schreiter ER (2009)

Reporting neural activity with genetically encoded calcium indicators

Hires SA, Tian L, Looger LL (2008)

Genetically encoded fluorescent sensors for studying healthy and diseased nervous systems

Tian L, Looger LL (2008)

Where to start and when to stop

Tian L, Matouschek A (2006)

A conserved processing mechanism regulates the activity of transcription factors Cubitus interruptus and NF-kB

Tian L, Holmgren RA, Matouschek A (2005)

An unstructured initiation site is required for efficient proteasome-mediated degradation

Prakash S, Tian L, Ratliff KS, Lehotzky RE, Matouschek A (2004)

Olfactory identification and apolipoprotein E ε4 allele in mild cognitive impairment

Wang Q, Tian L, Huang Y, Song Q, He L, Zhou JN (2002)

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